Best Allotment Competition 2013

In 2013 the parish council has held its first Best Allotment Competition judged on the criteria of general upkeep of site and buildings, use of composters and water butts, range of produce grown, livestock habitat and well-being, and the internal perimeter of hedges and fencing. Results of the competition were as follows:-

Moorcock Row: Most improved and also best on-site plot 8-9 (Mr P & C Jenkins)
Moorsholm: Most improved, plot 1 (Mr M Drinkell)
Best on-site shared by plot 3-4 (Mr L Collins) and plot 16 (Mr K Gilliance)
Kilton Lane: Best on-site plot 17-20 (Mr A Hogarth)
Boosbeck: Most improved, plot 1-2 (Mr B Husband)
Best on-site plot 4 (Mrs L Hill)
Lingdale: Most improved, plot 11 (Mr S Wilcock)
Commendation for plots; 51 (Mr G Carver), 53 (Mrs B Sheridan) and 57 (Mrs A Dockery)
Best on-site plot 24 (Mr S Harrison)

Overall Winner:  Mr P & C Jenkins Moorcock Row for plots 8-9 who are pictures receiving the Winners Shield and £25.00 gift voucher.