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The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs has updated the Avian Influeza Prevention Zone information with the latest measures in force from 28th February until 30 April 2017.

Please click here to see the current declaration notice issued by DEFRA

The Lockwood Parish Council area has NOT been designated as a higher risk area but the safest option to minimise contact between your poultry and wild birds is still to keep them inside or under netting. However, if you are outside the higher risk areas, you can choose to let your poultry outside provided you have taken some additional steps to minimise the risk of infection from wild birds before you do so. Please see the guidance notes below for more details.

Please click here to see the latest DEFRA guidance notes on How to keep your birds safe from Avian Influenza (bird flu).



Skips will be provided for the use of allotment tenants at the following locations from Friday 1st April until Monday 4th April 2016:-

Moorcock Row Allotments

Moorsholm Allotments

Lingdale Playing Field Allotments (at top of track outside plot 13/14/15)

Lingdale Playing Field Allotments (opposite Dale Terrace)

Please use this as an opportunity to clear out any rubbish from your allotment.

Site inspections will take place at Kilton Lane and Lingdale Playing Field sites on Monday 4th April and Moorsholm, Boosbeck and Moorcock Row sites on Monday 11th April.

Water has now been turned back on at the Lingdale Playing Field site.

The third annual Lockwood Parish Council Best Allotment Competition presentation evening was held on Thursday 17th September 2015 in the Parish Council office at Moordale Court in Lingdale. The event was well attended by Councillors and Allotment tenants.

The big winner of this year's competition was a new tenant, Darren Bennison. Darren took over an overgrown plot on the Lingdale Playing Field site in September last year and within 12 months has turned the plot into an award winning demonstration of what can be achieved with a bit of thought and a lot of hard work. Darren's plot number 1 on Lingdale Playing Field won the Most Improved Allotment on the Lingdale site, was judged to be the Best on Site and the overall winner across all five sites. He was presented with certificates to mark each award, the engraved Best Allotment Shield and a small trophy to record his achievement by Parish Council and Allotment Committee Chairman, Mike Jefferson.

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Please note that all water taps on the allotment sites have now been turned back on for the season. If you notice a problem with any of the taps please call the office on 01287 659908 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please ensure that all taps are turned off when you have finished using them to avoid wasting water.

Many Thanks

The Best Allotment Competition is now in its second year. A well attended presentation evening took place on Thursday 18th September 2014 with Brenda Sheridan and George Carver, who both have plots on the Lingdale Playing Field site, being presented with the Best Allotment Shield as joint winners of this years competition (see photo below).

Allotments were judged on general upkeep of site and buildings, use of composters and water butts, range of produce, livestock habitat and well being and the condition of internal perimeter fencing and hedges. All winners received a framed certificate to mark their achievement with George Carver and Brenda Sheridan both receiving an engraved trophy.

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Chairman of Lockwood Parish Council and Chairman of the Allotment Sub-Committee Cllr Mike Jefferson with some of the 2014 Best Allotment Competition award winners (photo above).

 In 2013 the parish council has held its first Best Allotment Competition judged on the criteria of general upkeep of site and buildings, use of composters and water butts, range of produce grown, livestock habitat and well-being, and the internal perimeter of hedges and fencing. Results of the competition were as follows:-

Moorcock Row: Most improved and also best on site plot 8-9 (Mr P & C Jenkins)
Moorsholm: Most improved, plot 1 (Mr M Drinkell)
Best on site shared by plot 3-4 (Mr L Collins) and plot 16 (Mr K Gilliance)
Kilton Lane: Best on site plot 17-20 (Mr A Hogarth)
Boosbeck: Most improved, plot 1-2 (Mr B Husband)
Best on site plot 4 (Mrs L Hill)
Lingdale: Most improved, plot 11 (Mr S Wilcock)
Commendation for plots; 51 (Mr G Carver), 53 (Mrs B Sheridan) and 57 (Mrs A Dockery)
Best on site plot 24 (Mr S Harrison)

Overall Winner Mr P & C Jenkins Moorcock Row for plots 8-9 who are pictures receiving the Winners Shield and £25.00 gift voucher.



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