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Following the local elections on Thursday 7th May 2015 we have a few changes to the make up of Lockwood Parish Council.

In Boosbeck, with Clive and Jean Maidens having already retired before Christmas and Kath Jackson stepping down at the election, we now have three new councillors representing the Boosbeck Ward - Marlene Brown, Paul Reed and Rachel Swarbrick.

In Lingdale Joan James has stepped down and her place as a councillor has been taken by Paula Miller.


In Charltons and Margove ward Marian Wheeler has stepped down, but only one nomination was received for the two councillors required so Kath Nolan continues to represent Charltons but we have a vacany at Margove Park. If you are interested in being co-opted as a Parish Councillor for the Charltons and Margrove ward please write or e-mail the Clerk at the Parish Council office (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with brief details describing why you wish to be a councillor, to be received before noon on Thursday June 11th 2015.

The successful applicant would be expected to attend at least one meeting each month on a voluntary basis. There is no remuneration for this post. The Parish Council meets at 7.00pm in the Parish Council office on the 3rd Thursday in each month. Other committee meetings are generally held on weekday mornings.

It is a condition that you must either be a local government elector in the Parish or live or work within the Parish Council boundary or have lived for the whole of the last 12 months within 4.8km of the Parish Council boundary.

Lockwood Parish Council would like to thank all of our retiring councillors for their dedication and hard work over many years on behalf of their communities and also  express a warm welcome to all of our new councillors.  

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